How I found Arillas!

Started by dimitris, April 03, 2008, 10:40:38 PM

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Like most of you we ended up in Arillas not knowing what to expect,as we had taken the cheapest last miute holiday we could find and thought where the heck are we going but as we reached the village the coach driver kept repeating lovely lovely and when we came down the High street and got our first glimse of the shimmering sea we knew he was right. We had a cuppa and then went for a walk, met a young man called Dimitris who treated us as if he had known us all of his life and hadn't seen us for ages. We already felt as if we were in our spiritral home and when we ate that night we knew it. So Dimitris it is your fault we kept coming back. lol. No seriously folks there was just something about the place that kept calling to us, we have tried a few places since that we used to think were nice before Canarie Island, Menjorca ect but the pull of Arillas was to strong to ignore and we have been lucky enough to be able to go back home twice if not three times a year.
Don't know how we will feel in Oct as we are going to Tingaki in Kos on P.J.s recommendation but will be back in Arillas soon after that you can bet a dollar to a dog biscuit on that. Viv

Stay Nude it ante rude


We first discovered Arillas in 1987, we booked through a travel agent and came with my Mum and Dad, I was 21 and by partner was 23.

After that we didn't go abroad again for 13 years because we bought our own house and we could never really afford an holiday.

We always said that Arillas would be the ideal place to take our children (if ever we had any).

In 1999 we had a daughter, Amy and in 2002 we decided we would try and find a holiday in Arillas.  The only problem was we could not remember the name of the appartments we stayed at way back in 1987.

Luckily for us we dropped on a travel agent who took us through all the accommodations available until we realised that the one we wanted was at the far end of the resort being the last one on the sea front AKA Kaloudis  Village.  We booked for that year and have been every years since and twice a year some years.

We have also taken my dad (mum died in 1997) and my partners' mum and dad and they loved it too.

So that is how we discovered Arillas, twice, really when you think about it.



We have been going to Corfu on and off for about 20 years.  We have always stayed at the north of the island but only ever got as far as San Stefanos.

In 2005 we went into our local airport and done a last minute booking going the next day at a really cheap price. We had never heard of Arillas but thought we would give it a try.  We like it that much we booked for three weeks later after we returned home.


we had booked to go to the peloppenese, 6 weeks before departure the flights from bristol were cancelled, we were offered gatwick (no thanks!) so we cancelled, went to the travel agents and said ok we want to go somewhere quiet with a lovely beach, corfu she said (kavos and 18 - 30 sprang to mind) but as she was a friend of mine i trusted her judgement and we booked  arrived in SAN STEPHANOS and had a fabulous holiday, a couple of days in and martin gets bored with laying on a beach, so we set off over the hill, got lost! ended up in hot  we sat had an iced coffee and pronounced ourselves in heaven!!!! last year we stayed in arillas, we did enjoy our time in san stephanos but arillas just has that something special and draws you back! this year we will be staying at the akti hotel for 2 weeks yipee!!!!!!!!!
ger x

Jennifer Ferguson

Ours was a sort of allocation on arrival back in 1988.We knew we were going to Arillas but the accommodation was only listed as village rooms.We ended up arriving in the pitch black at about 3am after an 8 hour delay thanks to an air traffic control strike,following the poor exhausted rep,with a tiny torch down what can only be described as a dirt track.
Everything in the little 'house' we had been allocated looked grim at that time of the morning but after a few hours sleep we opened the kichen door and what a view.We had a lovely relaxing holiday-apart from the climb up and down the hill to the village.
We kept saying over the years that we would love to go back and when we did almost 3 years ago we couldn't believe that although a little more developed,the resort was still quiet and friendly.
Waiting for hols to be agreed at work so hoping to be back for our 4th visit in September.

Chris & Mark's mum

I love this thread!

Way back in 1997 we went to the travel agent and requested a week in the sun ANYWHERE!

She came up with Acharavi......We both looked at her absolutely horrified! CORFU??? Discos, teenagers, loud music...."No thank you!"  We were told Acharavi wasn't like that at all so we were dropped off in Acharavi at 3am, in the dark.... same old story....dragged off the coach and transported up a long, dark, rough road to the apartments....Oh boy, we dreaded waking up in the morning.....but The Sun Apartments in Acharavi were LOVELY! (Hi Socrates!)  We went back for 4 years until a disco opened in the town centre and we could hear the music.   We complained to one of the restaurant owners who told us of a private house that had a studio to let....Right next to the sea..... so that's where we continued to go for another 4 years (The sound of the waves used to keep us awake at night......) 

What is it about Corfu that is so wonderful???????

Unfortunately the owners wanted the house to themselves as their son was coming back to live with them and they turned our lovely studio back into their house.  We had the flight booked but no accommodation for our 2006 holiday.......I Googled accommodation in Corfu and discovered (Thanks Dimitris!) We have never looked back!

One door closes another one opens!
We are the people that my parent's warned me about........


my dad first discovered arillas in 1990.
then we had our first holiday abroad with our daughter and my dad said arillas is a beautiful place so we booked in 1994 my daughter was 5years old.
mum and dad paid and we stayed at the kaloudis. my dad won some money thats why he paid. it was great. few years later we started going abroad all greek islands then in 2002 i went into travel agents and wanted somewhere cheap so they come up with arillas i was over the moon.we was going to stay at the malibu but 4 weeks before we were going they sent me a letter saying they have changed our accomadation to annas. so i thought well its probably still nice.
when we got their we was so impressed and what a fantastic time we had.we have been staying at annas ever since  apart from last year we missed it and we really did miss it.
thats my story suexx


We went in our local Thomsons and asked for somewhere really quiet and peaceful.
Also there must be some nice walks. We booked it at a bargain price at the time.
Didn't know what to expect. It was a teatime flight so we arrived very late and dark.
When we got to the Kaloudis Roula showed us to our room with all the greetings., this was about 3am'ish. Woke next morning and opened the curtains and WOW.I was hit by this beautiful site. As said before the rest is history. Back for number 5 and 6 visit this year.



Our first experience of Corfu was 15 years ago when we stayed in San Stef. I climbed the hill and looked down at Arillas - if only I had made the effort to walk down, I could have 'discovered' it then! 

Five years ago, we took out first 'child free' holiday. An 'allocated on' arrival cheapy. I vaguely remember it cost us £99 each and we decided that, as we were arriving in the middle of the night, we would sleep where we were put and then hire a car, the next day,and go on a search for somewhere we liked. It was very dark when we went to bed but, the following morning, we woke to find that we were in a front room at the Hotel Marina - facing the beach, with a view to die for! :shock:

We have been nowhere else since! Why waste valuable holiday time dicovering places that you don't like when you have found 'Paradise' ??

David and Sue :)


We went to corfu for several years, starting when our family were all quite young - we stayed in Acharavi, Ag George South and Ag Gordis. In 1980, when staying at Ag Gordis and our 3 teenagers were still asleep in the morning, we used to go 'exploring' by moped.  We came across Arillas and had an amazingly cheap breakfast at a taverna at the sea front.  Then followed many years of holidays in various locations, including Crete, Zante and Rhodes and Cyprus.  We then booked our first holiday in Arillas in 2004 and have been returning every year since. It really is THE BEST!!!!

Dorothy and James


In 1993? I think, may have been 92, we arrived at Tria adalphia at 5am.  It was very quiet, but looked nice. As the day wore on, we spent time in the pool with our kids, and watched the workmen putting the roof on what is now the bar. In those days George at the marine hotel ran a minibus up and down, so we didn't even have to walk to the sea!
(now I enjoy that walk so much). We had a wonderful 2 weeks, and new then that we would return.The next year when we returned, Philip & Eleni had Yiannis. That was lovely.
They even had sunbeds that time.(the first time, we just lay on the concrete).lol.
We have many happy memories of all our visits, and many great friends we have made on all those visits. My hubby is one of those who need to be doing things all the time, and arillas is the only place we've been to where he does absolutely nothing, and doesn't complain that he's bored.  When we took our friends with us, they couldn't believe how he changed. Arillas does that to you!
   We love the place, and now we've reached the stage where we are nearly ready to retire there. I can't think of anywhere nicer to spend the rest of our lives.

M n M

First came to Corfu in 1990 and stopped in Kassiopi (nice place then), we hired a car and traveled around the North of the island (the roads were a challenge and signs were interesting) we had travelled north from Paleokastritsa and came across a little place called Arillas, had a wander about and a bite to eat and thought it was a very very nice place.
The following year we went to Halkidiki (think thats how you spell it), again a nice place.
1992 we came to Arillas and stopped at what is now the Sea Breeze bar and fell in love.
Since then we have been back nearly every year and still love the place and the people.


Wow with all these Stories, makes me feel like i am still wearing my L PLATES.



QuoteWow with all these Stories, makes me feel like i am still wearing my L PLATES.

I feel the same riggers, I have only been to Arillas once.

The stories are wonderful.


Found Arillas thanks to the sales assistant in first choice at Merry Hill Dudley. Popped out for lunch early July last year and stumbled across two late deals in the window. Telephoned the wife and told her about them, went back and asked about Insurance details as I needed to book extra Insurance having had a kidney transplant six months earlier. Gave me a good price on the insurance and was asked if I wanted to book . had no money, bank card or credit card with me phoned the wife to get her credit card details, did I want to book, hang on a minute need to get time off work, phoned the boss told him I would be late back from lunch ,Why he asked , In the travel agents booking a holiday, can I have these dates, its only two weeks away he replied. I need the dates, OK he replied. Do you want to book the travel agent asked again. Yes please, where do you want to go? The two holidays on the window, pick one for me (Turkey or Corfu allocated on arrival) I can't do that  she replied, Yes you can you pick and I'll go there, out came her boss, Is there a problem she asked, yes , I need a decision on either Turkey or Corfu but the lady wont pick one for me , what do you want from your holiday she asked. Peace and quiet with good food. She went to check where we may be allocated. She came back and advised to go to Corfu. Can't tell you where it is because it may change but take my advice you wont be disappointed. Booked it up £208 each for two weeks. Were we disappointed NO, did we find it the best holiday we ever had YES, would we be going back YES. Did I go into the travel agents on my return and thank the travel agent for her advice YES, and booked there and then for May this year  can't wait, for our second visit, or our third, YES we have also booked for July.