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Holistic Activites


I noted recently in Arillas that some nationalities take part in such activities and I wondered if anyone else would be interested.  Of course it would be dependent on season and time of day (ie heat), but would people be interested in taking part in any of the following activites whilst on holiday:

meditation; aqua-splash (not aerobics); stretch/relaxtion; running/walking; personal training; nutrition advice

It would be great to get your opinion.

I would be interested in doing some exercise when in Arillas but am unsure about the "holistic" heading.  I do walk and swim when there but something more would be good.  I am a massively unfit (desk bound job) but not overweight 47 year old so some stretching/toning is probably what I need but, as you say, the heat would have an influence!  

I have been asked to make it clear that, whilst the picture above shows the real Eggy, the reply was actually posted by me, his wife.  Sadly the real Eggy is not 47 years old and the likelihood of him wanting to do any exercise that does not involve using his right arm to imbibe vast quantities of the amber nectar is nil!  
"Wife of Eggy"


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