A to Z - Photographs of Arillas and Corfu

Started by TerryW, August 08, 2007, 01:15:09 PM

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Nice one Mick!  May forgive you for your liverpool/man utd comment if you keep them coming!  hahaha.

Great pics, more please

Sharon x


The picture of Sea Breeze actually has the road and the sea out of view but running top to bottom of the right hand side.  And Sandy it was like this until 1995 if my memoery serves me right.  We remember grandad and granma sitting there regularly. Grandad had a real twinkle in his eye and always had a tomato in his pocket to give to any ladies that stopped to talk to him.  Sometimes he would sit over the road outside the canopy covered part of the resturaunt that now is.  The road also went on around the bend to Bardis sun as it does now.
John & Ann


Maybe I'm being a bit dim here, but i can't see any photo!

M n M

Maggie it is there on last page, you will remember it if you used the back road from Tria. Now that was an interesting road a night in the dark.

John you'r not wrong, and as for Grandad, what can anyone say, he was a real lady lover ;-) and of all ages.

Due to house moves I have lost or mislaid a lot of photos, but I have found some that could be of interest. I am having a problem using 'imageshack' so will try again later.


I've just looked again and i saw you photo mick, it wasn't there when I looked earlier tho.

M n M

Another one, this shows the road that goes around the back of the house and the second old house that is now next to the pool.

Again 1992. In 93 the family used the rooms themselves because some persons had complained that it was too cold inside. We loved it, go inside during the heat and to be able to cool down, Bliss. Mick.


thats a really good photo.  In the background it looks totally unbuilt, not even many trees about either, hardly anything there.  Amazing what happens in a few years.  Great to look at.

What are the words on top of the railings, I cant make it out.
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.


Looks like it says BARDIS ENTERPRISE.



I think thats where Dorita and family live(d) during the summer so that they are on site.


Sorry - also meant to say great photos keep them coming - the old ones are the best!! 

M n M

 (K) to truly know somewhere, is to love it.
This is the view from the main buildings,

There is another photo which Dimitris placed in the photo gallery.
Our first real introduction to Arillas, I can still hear the waves stroking the sand and the warmth of the sun on my back when I close my eyes and think back. Never mind it's not long till September if you say it fast. TTFN Mick.
PS. I might be cheating a bit with the A to Z but, I admit it. :-)


Quote from: M n M on April 23, 2008, 11:04:16 PM

PS. I might be cheating a bit with the A to Z but, I admit it. :-)

...and I for one don't mind one bit...your photos are fab.  Thanks for sharing them.

Your holiday deserves a place like this...


Villa Linakis on FB

M n M

L is looking down at Arillas 1992.

I think I'm getting the hang of this. Mick.


Great pics Mick is that taken from the path over to San Stef?

M n M

Tony, yes it is, but do you reconise this one from 1992?

Mick :-)