A to Z - Photographs of Arillas and Corfu

Started by TerryW, August 08, 2007, 01:15:09 PM

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I think that 'C' is the next letter

Can you see the webcam?


Quote from: TerryW on March 05, 2008, 02:13:17 PM
I thought I should post this one - A new sign going up outside the Coconut Bar

That can't be me Terry. I have spent the whole Winter training Ouzo not to run away.
I only have to stare at a bottle now and the top unscrews on it's own!

And remember Confuscious. He say " You do not crawl for a bottle - It will roll to you"






Lisa and Steve



Γεια σoυ Terry
Fantastic photos, you seem to be getting too good at this..... this may baffle you but what about trying it with these letters!!!

Greek alphabet

Αα Alpha
Ββ Beta 
Γγ Gamma 
Δδ Delta 
Εε Epsilon 
Ζζ Zeta
Ηη Eta 
Θθ Theta 
Ιι Iota   
Κκ Kappa 
Λλ Lambda
Μμ Mu
Νν Nu
Ξξ Xi
Οο Omicron
Ππ Pi
Ρρ Rho
Σσς Sigma
Ττ Tau
Υυ Upsilon
Φφ Phi
Χχ Chi
Ψψ Psi
Ωω Omega


Good way to Practice your Greek!!
Well done Gata!

I attach a picture of today's Sunset again,
something that I miss during the summer season as I have to be at work ( only 200m ) away from some of the best sunsets in world!

Dimitris Kourkoulos
Brouklis Str 7
Arillas 49081
Corfu Greece
+30 26630 51418
Brouklis Taverna
Learn About what the Locals want you to know while in Arillas


Hi PG32
About the house on the headland.  We walked up to it last year and it was closed up and seemed unfinished.  We enquired about it and were told the owner live(s)d in San Stefanos, had had a dream to build it all his life, but now that it was nearly complete he'd got a serious illness and couldn't complete it.
Anyone know better?

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Great Photos Terry.
I'll have the STAMNA off the menu please, and could you do me an ouzo while i'm waiting.
Another great Sunset Photo too Dimitris..


We have got one of those digital photo frames that we have never used, didnt know how to download the photos... our son came round and I found all the photos I had of Arillas etc... and he has put them on this frame.  I was so excited because now I have all our holiday snaps and sunsets of Arillas constantly changing in the living room and everyone that visits can see how lovely Arillas is.  A permanent daily reminder whenever I walk into the room.  Just need some music I think!
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.



Thats a good challenge but I am running out of photographs but I will have a go

Marika...... Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic sunset Dimitris, its good to see the sunset moving towards San Stefanos again.

Would you like bread with the Stamna, Riggers and here is you Ouzo