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What a great time in Arillas


Arillas is one of those hidden gems! We had a great time and thanks to Dimitris and the website found different places to eat and things to do. The heritage walk was a welcome change from sitting on the beach and the Brouklis Taverna served up the best Greek food we have seen in Arillas. Thanks :D  :D

Glad you liked it,and welcome to the club.you will be back time and time again

hi harold i have read with interest your views and totally agree with you. Arilas is a special place to quiet for some maybe. But perfect for me. Ialways go low season May and Sept. and i will be back soon. I have become close friends with Costos and Aris and there family and cant wait to see them all and all the other friends i have made.

Hello Alex,
               Sally and I always come to Corfu in May usualy the first two weeks,though this year we only managed to get one week,that is why we are coming back September 27th.We love Arillas (we remember when it was quiet) :lol: .Seriously we have been 6 times in the last 7 years (Corfu about 15 times)so have seen some changes.Corfu has a special place in our hearts we always call it home.Apart from getting to know a few people in Arillas we also have friends in Corfu town who we visit each time we come.


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