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Started by yorkie, May 30, 2007, 02:35:38 PM

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Does the horizon hotel have safety deposit boxes - also is a kettle provided as I can't see one on the photos on it's website?


Have just returned from the Horizon and had a brilliant time. There isn't a kettle or safety deposit boxes so take your own kettle. I can highly recommend the food in the restaurant- the best mousaka and beef stifado I have tasted. The rooms are spacious and clean and the staff are very friendly and helpful. If I was going again I would definitely phone Libra and request a high floor.


Hi Alyvin

I am really surprised you didn't get a kettle as I thought they had the basic self catering facilities.



Hi Folk
Got back from the Horizon yesterday morning (16 June 2007).  Had a great time there.  All the management and staff go the one step extra to make you feel welcome and wanted.  On the subject of kettles - there wasn't one.  I got very good at boiling a saucepan of water, dropping in a teabag, and then making a mug of tea.  (No kettle, no teapot - very little washing up).
I rate the Horizon very highly, especially the great food.
We self-catered for breakfast and lunch, and ate in the restaurant for dinner most nights, although we loved Brouklis, and tried Kostas and the Marina.
My recommendation is to forget the kettle and use the saucepan.
Best wishes

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If anyone is staying at the Horizon Hotel, could they please do a small report about the Hotel on their return. It would be nice to know if there are any new staff, or if the menu has changed much. Has the hotel had any changes, and is the breakfast still as wonderful as ever?


Baldy Barry

Me and Susan loved their brekkie Terry !
Hope I don't burn !


i know you just love horizon ...yammas


There are some good photographs of the Horizon here - https://picasaweb.google.com/horizon.hotel.corfu

Plus there is a 360° Tour here - http://www.horizon-hotel.gr/en/360.php


fab as usual,,you surely are a ambassador for the horizon and arillas,,,,,yammas