Coronavirus Latest Updates: Greece is opening for tourism by 14th May 2021

Started by dimitris, April 22, 2021, 10:21:17 PM

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The Fit to Fly Test is a Greek requirement, as the Return to UK Test is a UK requirement.

If Greece are prepared to accept proof of vaccination for entry, then there should not be a requirement for a PCR test as in the Greek requirements of entry in our governments advice:

The Greek government have announced that, from 19 April, arrivals from the UK with proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test, undertaken within the 72 hour period before arrival into Greece are exempted from the need to self-isolate on arrival to Greece. In addition to this they have announced that UK travellers with proof of two COVID-19 vaccinations completed at least 14 days before travel are also exempt from self-isolation (see Demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status). Until there is means to certify vaccinations for international travel, all travellers should continue to obtain a PCR test as stated above.

Keep safe
It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than  to speak up and remove all doubt.

Jon B

If you have had 2 jabs at least 14 days before you travel, you can get your jab details and all your other NHS records downloaded to your phone or tablet via the NHS app. This app is not to be confused with the NHS covid 19 track and trace app. You will need your NHS number, your smart phone or tablet and then follow the instructions...its pretty simple to do and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can ! I downloaded the app, requested my vaccination details and the next day, my vaccination  dates, vaccine manufacturer and batch numbers were downloaded on my phone...Oh so useful and its what we have been waiting for. As I understand it, you can also request a paper copy of the same details as backup, so if your phone battery dies or you cant get a signal, you can produce the offical NHS vacccination certificate. The website states that the free packs of 7 NHS antigen tests that you can pick up almost anywhere, I got some at Bham New St station,  CANNOT be used still have to find a clinic or lab on Corfu that can provide either a PCR test or a lateral flow test, which meets the UK Gov standards. At  the moment, it seems as though this could be something of a showstopper..lets hope this issue is being addressed and regional and local testing facilities will be available, otherwise many potential visitors simply wont want to take the risk....Jon.


is that right that you are SUPPOST to wear a mask while walking in the street?
Theres only one Altrincham FC


* The use of non-medical face masks is mandatory indoors and outdoors throughout Greece. The above restriction does not apply to:
    1. individuals for whom wearing a face mask is not recommended on account of their documented medical condition, e.g. respiratory problems, and
    2. children under the age of four (4).

This is from website


Walking down the road or on the beach no masks is required  in shops etc you must wear a mask 😷
I don't mind as long I get out to Arillas sun beer friends and good food what more do you want



I am told that you should wear a mask at all times!!!!!!
(Only you, that is , because you frighten people! - maybe it was that second jab that did the damage?)


Harold, here's some info about mask wearing from someone living in Corfu, as they posted in a FB  forum,  confirming what Eggy posted and what I read on the Greek gov web site.

"For the past few months it has been masks outside everywhere.
If I walk my dogs on the beach and there's nobody around I still have to wear one or face a 300 euro fine.
Hopefully, common sense will prevail so at least you won't need one laying on a sunbed, but this is Greece, so who knows."

I don't know how strictly it's policed but everyone should, and needs to know.


Theres only one Altrincham FC



Just got this text from Yanni from Tria

Hello mate, i hope you are all well. Yes, up to now wearing masks is mandatory, but i believe until the time you come will be lifted due to tourists. Also, regarding your travel also things will be a lot clearer the next few weeks. Dont worry my friend, things will becoming very clear in the next few weeks.
Literally we live for the day, each day new things come out and new laws



Many thanks Dimitri and to everyone who posts information here it's very helpful and reassuring to hear from you all.
I hope you and your families are safe and healthy.
Like all of you Arillas is our special place and we hope to visit this year but only when it's safe for everyone.
I have a favour to ask we stay with Rula & Christos every year and have messaged recently but haven't heard back and wondered if they are both well. Does anyone know?
Please pass on my warmest regards.

Thanks again.

Bob S

Thanks for the update Dimitris. Good news.
We're due to fly to Corfu on 19th June for 2 weeks. Yippeee!.
Only problem is we need a proof of a positive Covid-19 test 2 / 3 days before we fly back into England.
Does anyone know how I can get this whilst in Arillas, or do we have to go to Sidari or Corfu Town?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Dimitris
Bob S


We were due to fly June 21st with Jet2, but the flight was cancelled. I switched to EasyJet, for around the same time and they have also cancelled the flight. So I guess we won't be going for the 2nd year running. Sad but we are going to have another long wait before we are back.


Very sad.....  Iimagine its quite upsettng knowing you have to wait so long to return
Wolverhampton Wanderers, pride of The Midlands......


Is there any clarity about when the countries are going to be reassessed? Our flight is still on with Jet2 for 29th june🤞


Quote from: Truth on May 31, 2021, 04:04:59 PM
Very sad.....  Iimagine its quite upsettng knowing you have to wait so long to return

Were flying with TUI in the 14 June (Newcastle), but noticed last week that they have cancelled all flights up to the 13 June. Fingers crossed they will be flying on the  following Monday.