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Hi Folks

Could anyone give a definitive answer to whether each traveller is required to fill out a separate PLF?

I filled ours out last Week and was given the option to add further family members at which point I added Jill to my application.

I have since had email confirmation and we are both down on the form to travel.

However I have seen conflicting opinions of which some state each traveller must fill out their own application individually.

Anyone already done theirs and which option did you take?

Many Thanks

Neil & Jill

Hi yes I have and I think you need to do one each. The PLF gives you a QR code 24 hours before you fly and each person needs their own code when you arrive at the airport. I think you simply add your travel companions so that if youíre tested and have a positive result they know who you have travelled with



Yes you need to fill one each
My daughter her husband and son all had to fill one out each
It must be alright right they are in Zante


Jo Wissett:
I have done for each of us and just added each other on each form also. Better to be safe than sorry. Iíve read that some people have got through with everyone on 1 firm but others have been refused boarding. Why take the chance for the sake of 5 minute job?

OK - Thanks everyone

Will fill in a separate form Tonight for Jill.

Neil & Jill


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