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EasyJet base closures



EasyJet propose to cut bases at Southend, Stanstead and Newcastle


Jo Wissett:
Bloody hell Geoff can you give us some food news for once lol


It’s a big loss for Southend, Newcastle, and Stansted




From Southend Echo

EasyJet is set to close its base at Southend Airport.

The airline is looking to close it's hub at the airport in a move to reduce staff numbers.

EasyJet is also set to close it's bases at Newcastle and Stansted, with 5,000 staff set to be sacked, according to the Sun.

The huge announcement comes as bosses admit the rest of it's UK network is "under review."

Easyjet has previously said it may struggle to reach expected revenue targets until 2023, because of the coronavirus pandemic.
A spokesman for the airline, told the Sun: "As part of our update to the market on 28 May 2020 easyJet set out that it may need to reduce staff numbers by up to 30% as well as optimise its network and bases as a result of the pandemic.

“easyJet has today started formal consultation on proposals with employee representatives including Balpa and Unite on all of its UK based pilots and crew.

“The proposals include the potential closing of three of its bases in the UK – London Stansted, London Southend and Newcastle.

"These airports would remain part of easyJet’s route network."

Southend airport bosses respond to potential easyJet closure

Airport bosses have spoken out on the news easyJet are looking to close their Southend base.

Southend airport say they are continuing discussion with the airline, in the hope a partnership will continue.

Bosses have also said easyJet are set to continue their flights from the airport, even if the base closes.



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