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for anyone interested in the Hotel Horizon


This year we stayed in an apartment in the Horizon,they only have 15 rooms so its not to big.The rooms are all double glazed and sea facing.The apartments are very well finished and do look nice and clean.Bins are emptied EVERY DAY and they even supplied new toilet rolls (no jokes please).The pool area is very nice and the staff are friendly and helpful.The only down side is they do not have tea pots in the rooms,so if like us you like your tea bring your own pot.Demitri ant Brouklis Taverna helped us out by lending us one of his pots.Beds are firm and comfortable,all in all a very nice place to stay in Arillas

Hi Harold,Im glad you had a good holiday. :D When are you going back :?:  :?:  :?: We've got 10 weeks before our holiday, :x and i cant wait. :wink: It'll soon be here. :D I just seem to wish my life away. :roll: cx

Hello Carol,
we hope to get back in October.good luck with your holiday


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