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First of all Sorry to everyone i have only just found this topic.It does work as i have just put up our date for May
Theres only one Altrincham FC


Hi Harold. Nice to see you again. Hey Harold, I`ll be having an ice cream for you, on your birthday!


Quote from: dimitris on September 20, 2006, 10:32:50 AM
Having taken under consideration an advice from  Richard (smurfdrl)
I enabled the Arillas calendar where you can post your holiday-arrival dates and other relevant stuff  as "events".
Let's give it a try! Click here    to see what happens.






Me too Janis! wont open on Internet Explorerer

Val n Bill

Dylan, if you want to post your dates........go to calendar, go to
bottom bar, click post event, a drop-down will open the title put Dylan and family @ Kaloudis, the date you arrive and how many days you will be there. Unless you want to link it to a post untick that box.

     Val x
The love affair continues.


A lovely look into the forum in past years. 2006 was before I arrived, and everyone seemed so positive and upbeat. Maggie became a SUPER member (she and Gordon are now residents in Arillas area!)

The calendar never really worked to bring folks together. Mostly you hear a few dates on the run-up to your visit, and get a few surprises whilst you're there, often brought about by posting on forum.

The real connections get made when you meet people there and click. We have a wonderful group of clicks. Not cliques, like somebody once called us, but people who click. People you would never have met, and now count as true friends because you met them in Arillas.

It is a very special place.


Thanks Val, will try later


Arillas 2014.
Who is going to visit the area?
I will. Well I am local so I can. LOL
Hope you can all visit Arillas this summer as well



Dylan(Keith and Joy@ Mathraki, 15th-22nd Sept14