Author Topic: i have been wiped off twice  (Read 6932 times)

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i have been wiped off twice
« on: November 03, 2014, 05:19:54 PM »
Someone is trying to contact the forum administration because  of registering problems .

the message We get is :

i belong to regular users group but since june although i registered again i have been wiped off twice. have been to arillas 14 times since 2000 and do take part in messages etc so cannot understand why  i have been wiped off.  any help  as i am unsure whether to bother to join again

I have never deleted any membership ... perhaps the system has rejected some registrations due to suspicious email adresses or ip etc.

Please contact us through this page  providing your email and name an I will look at it.

Dimitris Kourkoulos
Brouklis Str 7
Arillas 49081
Corfu Greece
+30 26630 51418
Brouklis Taverna
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