Tria Adelphia apartment

Started by saxa, March 26, 2010, 12:32:46 AM

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Can anyone tell me what the Tria Adelphia apartment is like in Arillas?


Guess that's where you've booked! Philip and Eleni are wonderful hosts, and it is a very popular place to stay. Look at accommodation reviews on the forum. There will be quite a few comments from those who keep going back there. A good choice I think.

I am sure you can make an arrangement with them for getting you there.



Hi Saxa,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm guessing that you've already seen their website
Also if you type Tria Adelphia into the search box on the main forum page, lots of info will come up.

Villa Theia is available rent. For more details see:-

M n M

Saxa, welcome,

this year will be our 17th or 18th time at Tria it's our second home, need I say any more, just type in as Sara has said and enjoy.


Dave n Anne

Hi Saxa

As others have previously stated you will love The Tria and the hospitality of Phil and Heleni , but unlike the lucky Mick this will be only our 8th time there in may . You do not say how many of you there are but i am assuming just the 1 , but even so why not hire a car . The cost of a taxi as said earlier is about 50 euro each way , 100 euro return so why not hire a car from Theo @ Arillas rent a car or one of the big firms ( we like to keep it local ). We always hire a car as Anne does not like scooters as she thinks them unsafe . I am sure if you get a price and then deuct the taxi fare you will not be paying much more plus you have the car for the whole holiday to use at your leisure .