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Weather end of may?

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Hi there

Thinking of going to Arillas for the spring bank holiday.  What is the weather like at the end of May beginning of June?  

Chrissinibs XX

8) Weather in end of May should be good, usually sunny beach weather but not too warm in the middle of the day. You should maybe think about bringing a sweater or similar for the evenings. Have a good holiday!

Hi Chrissinibs
we have just booked from 24th to 7th again and we have always found it warm even at night, but there again i have got a few ouzos in me by then and there was an occasion when i did need a sweatshirt, but it was 3 in the morning!!!!!!!not often though.
you will find that Arillas is full of nice people and lovley food and you will have your favourites.
If you require any other info ?ask through the Forum.
we will be stopping @ Mathraki studios this time, let us know where you might be stopping?

Paul & Deb/5

:D i went last year at springbank and it was very hot.
not usually like that we was very lucky.
but it was so hot in bed at night  8)

8) Hi Sue
I am glad you agree it is lovely in the springbreak, i meant to say on my last reply above that we have booked for May @ Mathraki.and i noticed on another reply you had said that you have booked for the 24th as well at Annas, as we know them well we will be over for a drink and perhaps see yourself as well!!

   Yammos with ouzo!!
   Paul Deb/5


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