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Flights 2020 - decent BA prices
« on: September 26, 2019, 12:27:24 PM »
For anyone struggling to find a decent price for flights in 2020 and wanting to book now, BA have some very good prices.
We've been tracking the Jet2 prices since they went on sale, and they've just gone up and up and of course now, are through the roof.   We are going in July so I don't feel we can wait to see how it goes - and,  being an obsessive planner, I need to know they are booked!   

So have bitten the bullet and booked BA, flying from Heathrow for 350 less than Jet2 and also cheaper than EasyJet from Luton.  Two 2 flights a day too.  BA have a sale on until 1st October, not sure if that's brought the price down.   Ok, it means you have to be prepared to trek to Heathrow but for some it's worth the saving.