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Title: Corfu Beer Festival 2019
Post by: dimitris on September 22, 2019, 06:58:55 PM
I'm currently  helping voluntarily at the Corfu Meets Holland Beer Festival in Arillas. I'm working to build a dutch backdrop where you can wear traditional dutch costumes and have a picture taken from a professional photographer. that you can take as a souvenir.
This is a typical dutch habit of tourists in Holland.... I did this on my first and second visit in this country in 2006 and in 2017. the first picture is without kids in VOLENDAM ( and the second is in GIETHOORN ( . My friends Hannekke   and Heidi are going to be there and our Local photographer Leandros Avlonitis ( is going to be taking and printing the photos where visitors  can purchase them for a small fee. the image of volendam in the backdrop was given to me from a famous photographer Mr Jurjen Drenth ( where we met here a fiew years ago.
I imagine the title being   ... ''BECOME A DUTCH FOR A MINUTE''  in Corfu Beer Festival 2019
I hope to see you there

PS: any reccommendations welcome