Voluntary Recycling Centre in Arillas

Recycling in Corfu

Since June 2018, various recycling centres have been established in Corfu.
In an attempt to protect the environment, the economy and the health of the people of the surrounding villages, to support the economic activity and the jobs, far from solutions such as “landfills”, the people at a district, village, and neighbourhood level, have already undertaken initiatives to reduce the volume of their waste.

During the year 2018, our island experienced a very difficult situation as regards garbage management. The very moment when all civilized countries gain health and energy from litter, we bury them, burn them or even throw them in improvised landfills; this means that we conscientiously create sources of fire and pollute the air, the soil and the water and, icing on the cake, we upload pictures of mountains of garbage which travel all around the world.

The source separation of recyclables, their re-use, even their composting, wherever this is possible.
There has been a mobilization by local initiatives of people, cultural associations, voluntary groups, small recycling cooperatives, etc. which have been activated and are changing the game by creating small recycling centres.
Up to this day, such centres are found in Liapades, Spartylas, Sinies, Lefkimmi, Temploni, Pagi and in Dassia. More information on each centre is given further down.

The Arillas business association, after a consultation procedure, managed to find a temporary spot at a central location of the village in order to create a Recycling centre for the voluntary recycling of materials in our area.
This spot will be part of an integrated organized pilot project for the area of Arillas which includes the removal of bins from the central places of the area and the establishment of community points spots with public or private bins used exclusively by the registered citizens of each neighbouhood.

Thus, the uncontrolled discarding of composite materials and all sorts of garbage at central places by passers-by is avoided.
Businesses must use simple methods (composting, etc} which will not add leftovers and organic waste onto the bins. They must manage their own bins in such a way as to have as little waste as possible and to be responsible for the area where they keep them till their collection.

Certain small hotel and unit owners of our area already have suggested installing a row of small bins in their area where their guests may directly separate waste materials up to 6 different streams.

The local households must cooperate in each neighbourhood and be responsible for the clean and orderly appearance of all areas where they will have the bins under their responsibility.

All the local stakeholders of the region (cultural association, Sports club, local councils and voluntary groups) will take part in the dissemination, information, encouragement and education as regards this pilot project which, in our view, is the only possible way, no matter what political decisions will be made by the “responsible” bodies in the future.

Then, with the support of the Municipality and the government, we must all put pressure to abolish the large discarding spots with the huge piles of garbage during the summer season. If the same picture we had last year reappears this year, the consequences will be serious not only for the tourism sector but also for our health and safety.

Our fellow citizens must adopt practices already adopted for ages by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, which is :
The recycling centre will have containers where each of us can deposit the following recyclable materials:
Aluminium can: drinks, beer and tea cans, etc
Tinplate: evaporated milk, tuna, animal foodstuffs, tomato paste tins, etc.
Plastic: water and refreshment bottles, oil, detergent, shampoo bottles, yoghurt cartons, etc
Wrapping materials and other plastics: Packaging from appliances, milk, juices, cereals, sugar, detergents, chocolates, ice creams, etc.
Glass: Juice, drinks, food bottles and jars, etc
Paper and carton: Appliance, milk, juice, cereals, pizza, sugar, detergent packs, paperbags, etc

We separate the recyclable materials from the rest of the garbage
We always empty and rinse off the packs from leftovers and take off their caps before throwing them in the recycling containers.
We squash the packs as much as possible so as to reduce their volume.

These clean materials will not burden on our island as their collection will be made by private businesses and bodies who are professionally involved in the management of these materials and will be directly transported to factories in Greece and abroad.

It is up to us to support the progress and improvement of our lives.
All this will necessarily be done one way or the other, in the near future.
What have we to lose if we do it a little earlier?


If you visit one of these centres, you should have in mind that they are run by volunteers, so you can be helpful if you have your recyclables clean, free of food and liquid waste, dry and squashed
In Liapades, you can recycle at the Cultural hall which is next to the football ground. It is open every Monday and Friday 16.00-17.30. The businesses operating in Liapades can use this centre. The centre can also be used by the people living in Liapades or the surrounding areas. There, you will meet volunteers who can be of help.
In Spartylas, you can recycle at 500 metres off the village centre, at the left side of the road. The centre is open on Monday 17.00-19.00 and Friday 17.00-19.00. All visitors are welcome to use the centre. There are volunteers willing to help.
  In Sinies, you can recycle at the point which located to the north of Georgios Vlachos’ building materials yard, on the main road. It is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10.00-12.00. All visitors are welcome to use the recycling centre in Sinies. There are volunteers to offer their assistance.
In Lefkimmi, you can recuycle next to the iron recycling spot called “KANARIS” (100m. from the LIDL supermarket). It is open on Monday and Wednesday, from 10.00-12.00 and on Saturday 15.00-17.00.
Temploni: Since October 16, the Temploni recycling centre has been operating in the nursery school yard (temporarily). It is open every Monday and Wednesday, 16.00-18.00.
Pagi: Since Sunday 11 November. 12.00-14.00, the building opposite the old school of Pagi has been used for recycling materials. This spot is located at the entrance of the village.
Dassia: You can recycle at “Edem”, at the Dassia beach. The centre operating hours are: Saturday 11.00-13.00 and Tuesday 16.00-17.00. Volunteers will be there in case you need any help.

Roda-Sfakera Recycling Centre:  Open every day:
Monday, Wednesday Friday, Sunday: 10.00 – 12.00
Tuesday, Thursday. Saturday: 15.00 – 17.00
Volunteers present to help.

About 200 metres from Roda on the road to Kavalouri – right-hand side.