Arillas Business Association

Arillas social fund raising.

Arillas Business Association 2019

The Business Association  in Arillas Corfu invites all business owners and co-workers to contribute to the expenses incurred for the creation of the Arillas Recycling Center and for the preparation of the area for the summer season. The result of our rubbish treatment and efforts can be clearly seen in our everyday life.
 Arillas is today one of the cleanest places in Corfu.
It is worth noting that all this would not have been successful without the voluntary offer of our members, volunteers and co-workers, who this time exceeded all expectations.
In total, about 5,000 euros have already been spent.
Nevertheless, the actions of the association continue to cost both the Recycling Centre  and the fixed costs of our area and beach, such as lighting, painting, repairs, and everything else that happens as we do every year.
Our Association's finances depend entirely on our local business's subscriptions.
At a previous General Meeting (2-12-2013), a permanent annual contribution of minimum150 € was decided unanimously by Arillas entrepreneurs to collect a reasonable amount and, after public consultation with members, residents and other local associations,  actions and projects of the Arillas Business Association  are taking place which will flow through your own positions and suggestions.
It is a moral obligation for every businessman earning money from Arillas to help finance this difficult yet very  CRUCIAL project.
Business and donor names will be posted to all Relevant Posts and Announcements of the Arillas Businessmen’s Association

The following are responsible for collecting the contributions:
Ioannis Papadopoulos (Doctor of Arillas)
Christos Kaloudis (Kaloudis Village)
Vasilis Argyros (Arkokal Travel)
Dimitris Kourkoulos (Brouklis Taverna)

The Arillas Business council  consists of the following 9  members
Dimitris Kourkoulos from Brouklis Taverna ( Chairman)
Dr Jannis Papadopulos  Doctor( vice Chairman)
Vasilis Argyros from Arkokal Travel  ( secretary)
Tasos Krasakis from Arillas Transfers
Theo Krasakis   from Arillas Cars
Xristos Kaloudis from Kaloudis village
Nikos Louvros from Kavadades wood-yard
Kostas Makris from Marvel Hotel
Spiros Stogiannos from Corfu Launtry