Arillas Visitors Voice and Feedback 2015

Your 2015 Feedback :. Arillas Business Association

FeedbackIf you were happy with your stay in Arillas, please tell your friends.


If you have had any problems during your stay please tell us and provide us with an opportunity to try and address your concerns.


Having completed a very successful toyrist survey in 2012 we have come to the conclusion that we should undertake it again in the near future. We do however want to receive your constant feedback to help us to make your holiday in Arillas even better. In Arillas 95% of the business owners also live all year round in the same area. The members of our business association would like to learn from any issues or areas of dissatisfaction that may have arisen during your holiday in our area. Your constructive observations and suggestions, as well as new ideas, would be welcomed very much. After the close of the summer season the local people business owners and authorities will meet to review consider and discuss your comments  and suggestions.
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The Arillas Business Association



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